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Subject: Context info for datatype libraries

Another aspect of this issue to bear in mind is that the semantics of anyURI
may depend on xml:base and on the base URI of the document as a whole (which
is not a syntactic part of the document).  If it turns out that anyURI does
not depend on this, then it is certainly conceivable that one would have a
datatype that did.  In general, there may be arbitrary metadata associated
with a document, and datatype libraries may want to have datatypes that are
interpreted relative to that metadata.  I therefore don't think we can ro
should try to completely nail down what the context is for datatype

At the moment, in our datatype, elements have a name, a namespace map,
attributes and children.  I propose to change this to say that they have a
context rather than a namespace map; the context includes a mapping from
prefixes to namespace URIs but may have other stuff too.  We don't place any
requirements on the context beyond its containing the prefix to namespace
URI mapping.  Our semantics doesn't need to manipulate the context; it just
needs to show how it gets passed around.


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