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Subject: Re: Context info for datatype libraries

Now I don't understand your position any more:

Murata Makoto wrote:

> Here are some examples, which I think are fine.
> - .. accesses to general parsed entity declarations
>   in the document so as to determine if a given string is the name of an external
>   parsed entity.


> > 1) Information that is the same for all elements in a document (let's call
> > this document-level context).
> I would say "Information independent from the document".  For example,
> I do not want to allow a datatype libary to examine the XML version number.

Surely parsed entity declarations are part of the document.  How can you
allow parsed entity declarations but disallow the XML version number
without exhaustively enumerating all the things in the document that you
are going to allow access to? And I certainly don't want to do that.

Incidentally, I think accessing the version number is perfectly
reasonable.  Suppose the set of name characters changes in some future
version of XML.  Why shouldn't a datatype library have a datatype that
accepts a NCName, where what a NCName is depends on the XML document it
occurs in?


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