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Subject: Re: Context info for datatype libraries

> 	- declaration of notations,
>  	- declaration of unparsed entities, and 
> 	- the XML version number, 
> In fact, Kawaguchi-san's interface for datatype implementations covers
> the first and second (to be precise, names of notations/entities), but 
> does not cover the third.

When I first wrote the ValidationContext interface, there were methods
only enough to implement W3C XML Schema Part 2. Specifically,
prefix<->URI mapping and the unparsed entities. Because W3C XML Schema
datatype library seems to be the minimum requirement for any non-trivial
RELAX NG validators.

After that, notation declaration information is added by the suggestion
from James.

> Me too.  I do not want to force RELAX NG implementations to provide
> information such as ENTITY and NOTATION declarations.  However, I think 
> that it is a nice thing to add 
> 	String getBaseURI();
> 	String getXMLVersionNumber();
> 	String getLanguage();

I'm happy to add them especially if they are optional. But I'd like to
wait to hear from James.

Or it might be even better to have something like:

Object getProperty( String propertyName );

... instead of adding methods for every possible information.

E-Mail: kohsukekawaguchi@yahoo.com

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