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relax-ng message

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Subject: Comments on the specification


- James has done a really really terrific job!

- Should we move "7. Restrictions" before "6. Semantics"?

Note: I'm still reading 7.4.  More about this tomorrow.

Note: Some of my previous comments apply to this draft.  I will 
revise them and send them to the TC again.

2. Data model

The first itemized list says:
"the sequence never contains two consecutive strings"

However, "m1, m2" as defined in 6.2.2 may create such 
two consecutive strings.

3. Full Syntax

- If the value of the datatypeLibrary attribute is always absolute, we
should explicitly say so.

- Can values of the datatypeLibary attribute contain fragment
identifiers?  I think that this should be disallowed.  We use URIs
merely as identifers, but fragment identifiers are used for
describing behaviours of user-agents.

- Strictly speaking, we do not have to allow #xD, since line-feed
characters are replaced by #xA.  However, we have to allow a character
reference  , since the XML processor converts   to a space
character.  Then, why not #xD?

- Isn't the type attribute optional for <value>?

- "A boolean must be true, false, 1 or 0".  I don't like this choice
of permissible values.  However, if we omit "global", we do not need
booleans at all.

4.1 Annotations

We certainly do not remove xml:base.

4.4 externalRef element

> "from prevoius sectoins to this section"  

I first thought thes means Sections 1 through 3.

4.6 Last para

"other then" should read "other than".


I would like to make sure which attributes in a grammar 
affects external grammars.


<div ns="..." xml:base="..." datatypeLibary="...">
  <include href="bar.rng"/>


In my understanding, the ns and datatypeLibrary attribute 
applies to bar.rng, but xml:base does not.  I think that 
a note about this would be hellpful.


The example is wrong.  We need combine="c".


I would like to replace "bag" with "set".


To be precise, "+" for keys and key references have 
not been defined.

Murata Makoto  mura034@attglobal.net

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