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Subject: Re: Issue: are <optional>, <oneOrMore>, <zeroOrMore> verbose?

Message text written by James Clark
> On the other hand, I do think that
> <optional>
>   <attribute name="foo">
> ...
>   </attribute>
> </optional>
> is verbose, especially when this is repeated again and again (how do
> others feel?).


I like this as we have it now - its simple and obvious and follows a 
consistent pattern that users can assimulate.

Bringing in <optionalAttribute>  is counter to the idea of atomic

Sometimes verbose is relative.  The thing that makes RELAX a standout
is that the intrinsic visual structure is exposed directly, not obfuscated.

Problem is - someone can always come up with a verbose example - 
what we need is to understand the normal and common practice - and
how often those patterns appear.  If we need a primitive shorthand to
address something that happens everywhere - then I'd consider that

Hopefully that's not too contradictory!?!

Thanks, DW.

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