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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Comments on the specification

James Clark wrote:

> > - Isn't the type attribute optional for <value>?
> Yes.  There's a "?" following the attribute value that is intended to
> indicate this. Is there some way I should fix the notation to make this
> clearer?

Sorry, I looked over the "?".

I prefer "[" and "]" probably in a big font.

James Clark wrote:

> > We certainly do not remove xml:base.
> I believe we do remove it. xml:base is used in determining the value of the
> [base URI] property of an element info item, which is in turn used to
> construct the base URI of the context of an element.  Once you have
> constructed an instance of the data model, xml:base can be thrown away.

I get it.

> Maybe we need something emphasizing that these transformations are applied
> at the data model level, and that the parsing and infoset construction takes
> places before the transformation rules are applied. Maybe a note in 4.1 too?

Such a para and a note would be very helpful.

James Clark wrote:

> As I've written the spec,
> datatypeLibrary would apply to bar.rng, but that wan't intentional and I'm
> not sure that's a good idea.

A good point.  Chameleons for namespaces make sense.  But do hameleons for 
datatype libraries make sense?



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