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Subject: Re: Issue: are <optional>, <oneOrMore>, <zeroOrMore> verbose?

Message text written by Murata Makoto
James Clark wrote:

> > is verbose, especially when this is repeated again and again (how do
> > others feel?).
> So your measure of verbosity is "number of lines when traditionally
> indented"?

Yes.  But this is a subjective issue.  How do others feel?



Totally.   As I said before - no matter what syntax I can always find a 
totally ugly instance for you.  What I'm interested in is in normal use.

If everytime I write a RELAX schema I'm saying "I hate that foobar-thing,
I'm always typing all this stuff".   But I believe this is not the case in
this instance - it is not burdensome for average schema.

Also - with this example there is no particular obvious "shortcut" here.  
Somethings you just have to grind out.   Unless of course you want 
to go back the the cryptic :

A,B,C,D,E,F,G   ; -)


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