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Subject: Re: General concern about inter-grammar references

I don't think W3C XML Schema has any concept of multiple grammars.  Thus, I 
do not think RELAX NG is lacking anything in respect of inter-grammar 
references as far as W3C XML Schema is concerned.  What W3C XML Schema does 
have but RELAX NG does not is that definitions within a grammar are 
identified by a namespace URI/local name pair rather than a local name 
alone.  The easy way to facilitate translation from W3C XML Schema would to 
allow define/ref to use QNames or an ns attribute just like 
key/keyRef/element/attribute already can.

> Another problem is how to assemble necessary files. Say the "schema" A
> references a definition in B. The problem is, we cannot write
> <include href="B.rng"/> in A.rng because C.rng might have a reference to
> B, too.
> If both A and C has references to B and we write <include href="B.rng"/>
> to both A.rng and C.rng, then it causes a collision because B.rng is
> included twice.
> So converted RELAX NG files cannot contain <include> statements. Instead,
> you have to create a hub file by yourself and includes all necessary
> files, which is a very tiresome labor.

This is a fair point, but I don't think it's got much to do with 
inter-grammar references.  This problem crops up in many difference 
programming languages.

One simple solution is to say that a grammar can have any number of 
<include/> elements for a particular URI but the included grammar will only 
get included once.  Since we have order-independence this is safe.  We 
would have to require that the inherited value of the "ns" attribute was 
the same for all includes of a particular URI.


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