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relax-ng message

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Subject: Spec update

I put an updated copy of the spec at


The source is available at


Changes in this version

- removed prohibition on fragment identifiers
- 7.4 reformulated without using concept of a path
- name attribute on <start> removed
- <start> element has only one child
- global attribute removed
- added not(s = "") to antecedent of key and keyRef rules (we haven't
resolved this, but I want the spec to be internally consistent pending
- datatypeLibrary not chameleon
- define + for key bags and key reference bags
- sets of attributes rather than bags of attributes
- explanation of why xml:base attributes can be removed
- changed stylesheet to use [] for optional

I still need to

- add some statement about usage of fragment identifiers depending on MIME

- expand conformance section to deal with unavailable resources (such as
datatype libraries, URI schemes, fragment identifiers etc)

Norm, if you update the Web page, please also make the changes in



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