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Subject: Re: Comments about the spec

James Clark wrote:

> It doesn't quite concatenate adjacent strings.  Rather it is a judgment 
> that asserts that a sequence contains no adjacent strings.

Concationation is taken care of by the data model or creation of data 
in the data model from information sets.  Is this your point?
> Probably beter to call it something like
>   textIsNormalized(m)
> to avoid confusion with the normalizeWhiteSpace() in 6.2.10.  Or maybe 
> normalizeWhiteSpace should be collapseWhiteSpace instead.

So, you would like to use textIsNormalized(m) to take care of ",".  

> > 2. Data model
> >
> > The first itemized list says:
> > "the sequence never contains two consecutive strings"
> That's talking about a sequence that represents the children of an element.
> > However, "m1, m2" as defined in 6.2.2 may create such
> > two consecutive strings.
> Sequences in general are not so restricted.  Note that 6.2.8 has
> normalized(m) in the antecedent to ensure that you can't prove the validity
> of something that isn't legal in the data model.
> What's the best way to clarify this?



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