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Subject: Re: Key and keyref ambiguity

James Clark wrote:

> - for an element, the key-type can depend on the element name only (in
> Murata-san's proposal, if I understood correctly, it could also depend on
> the parent element's name)
> This consistently reflects an XML 1.0 world-view in which the content of
> attributes can be dependent on both the attribute name and the element name
> whereas the content of an element can depend only on the element name.  This
> also avoids the need to have special treatment of the document element.

I like this.  One could even drop elements as keys.  After all, we can use 
strings only (i.e., we cannnot use <name>Makoto<ruby>true</ruby></name> as 
a key).

James Clark wrote:

> With the reformulation of key ambiguity in the draft I just posted, this
> more restrictive constraint can be expressed with just a few changes.

I think that we can simplify the spec by not using formal inference rules 
too much.  Let me try.



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