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Subject: Minor comments on the spec

 What is "string" in the BNF in Section 3?


<key name="NCName">..
<keyRef name="NCName">..

should read

<key name="QName">..
<keyRef name="QName">..


The BNF in Section 3 does not allow <div> to have more than one <define>.

I think that the RHS of grammarContent should 
be changed as below:

(start | define | <div>grammarContent</div> | 
<include href="anyURI"> includeContent* </include>)*

This is consistent with the schema in appendix A.

The same change is required for includeContent



should read



The last para of Section 3 mentions QName, NCName, and "combine".  On
the other hand, the second para of 4.2 mentions "name", "type",
"combine", and "name".  They are talking about the same places 
in the BNF.  (Section 3 says that leading and trailing whitespaces 
are allowere there and 4.2 says that they are removed by the RELAX NG Processor.)  
I prefer the style of 4.2.


The para before last in 4.15 should say that this transforamtion 
is repeated until there is one <define> per name.  Alternatively, we can 
move 4.11  after 4.15.


In 4.18, I would like to insert "directly" between "that" and "has a
notAllowed child element" and



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