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Subject: Re: Nits

Let me try again.


I would like to introduce a para before 6.1.

  In our data model, the child sequence of an element does not have
  two consecutive strings.  To define the semantics of <interleave>
  (e.g, <interleave><text><ref name="a"/></interleave>), we allow
  sequences of text and elements such that a string may immediately
  follow another string.  However, our inference rule for <element> ensures
  that the child sequence of an element does not contain two
  consecutive strings.


6.2 says "a set with a single member is considered the same 
as that member".  Do we realy need this?


In the semantic rule of <element>, p ranges over "top" as well as
"pattern", but 6.2 does not allow "top".


In 6.2.6., I would like to add an example:  

   For example, all interleavings of <a/><a/> and <b/>
   are <a/><a/><b/>, <a/><b/><a/>, and <b/><a/><a/>.


I do not understand why we need "toString(v)" in 6.2.7.  In our data
model(section 2), an attribute consists of a name and a string.



I would propose to replace "normalized(m)" with
"not(hasConsecutiveStrings(m))" and introduce "hasConsecutiveStrings"
rather than "normalized".


In 6.2.8 "stripSpace" removes whitespace strings.  Thus, we cannot
validate strings comprising whitespaces against foreign datatypes.

For example, 

<foo>  </foo>

does not match

<element name="foo">
  <data type="xsd:string">
    <param name="minLength">2</param>

Is this a problem?


Should we require that the identity, transitivity, and reflexivity
hold for datatypeEqual?  If reflexivity does not hold, testing of
keyConflict will become expensive.


What is the definition of "identical" in 6.2.10?  The same sequence
s of unicode code values?


In 6.2.12, key(...) and keyref(..) should return a singleton bag
rather than a single key (reference).


Have we decided that we allow QNames as values of key/keyref?  I
remember that the original XML WG did not allow qualified names for
ID/IDREF since two islands (e.g ., tables) in a docu m ent m ay belong
to the same namespace.


In the first para of 6.3, I would like to replace "has" with


I think that the second condition of the rule for keyConflict should
have "(" before the first "key" and ")" before "subset".


In XML 1.0, characters are defined as follows.

[2]    Char    ::=    #x9 | #xA | #xD | [#x20-#xD7FF] |
[#xE000-#xFFFD] | [#x10000-#x10FFFF] 

I think that we should merely reference to this definition.



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