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Subject: Re: Alternative approach for key/keyref

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI wrote:

> Path-expression which is used for (c) requires another constraint. That
> is, the specified path expression may not match more than one node.
> Say every <section> element is uniquely identified by the value of its
> <name> element. If a schema allows <name> element to appear more than
> once in one section, then there is something wrong, isn't there.

Yes, of course.  I should have thought about this.  (On the other hand, one 
could argue that a section can have more than one names.)

In my previous mail, I have already demonstrated construction of grammars 
such that an element matches the given path expression if 
and only if a successful computation assigns a marked named pattern.  For 
a given grammar G and a given pattern p, let G:p be the constructed grammar.

First, consider those define elements which have marked named patterns.   
Replase each terminal symbol a with marked(a), which is a 
new element name.    Then, we replace all <attribute> in G:p with <empty>. 
Let marked(G:p) be the modified grammar.  

Third, we create a determinisitc tree automaton that accepts 
trees containing one and only one marked symbol.  The tree 
automaton is shown below.  Final states are s1.

s0 ::= not-marked<s0*>
s1 ::= marked<s0*>
s1 ::= not-marked<s0* s1 s0*>
s2 ::= marked <(s0 | s1 | s2)* - s0*)>
s2 ::= not-marked <(s0 | s1 | s2)* - (s0* s1 s0*) - s0*)>

If we use s0 and s2 as final states, this automaton accepts 
trees containing no marked symbols or more than one marked symbol.

Finally, we compute the intersection of marked(G:p) and this tree 
automaton.  If the result is empty, for any tree t valid against G, 
one and at most one node in t matches the given pattern p.



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