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Subject: re: RELAX NG telcon 19 June 2001

Message text written by James Clark
8. Context information for datatype libraries (issue 32).


I have an 11am presentation tomorrow.  I may be able to spend
a little time on the call from my cell phone.

I'm just reviewing the issues here.  32 is of interest in regard
to ebXML registry interfacing.  Actually - since the UID attribute is
the key enabler for context in the ebXML registry, along with 
version, just passing in the value of the UID itself to the registry
allows the retrieval of that semantics.  However, sometimes
you will want to know context in terms of use of the item within
the structural body of the XML, or more likely the interchange
context - ie. is this in terms of a SQL backend or an iDOC or
XForm?  I like the idea of % entity ; definitions here.  Since a
global setting for the schema can show those context values
to the datatyping source.

Anyway - that's my 2cents worth if I don't make that part of the call.

The other issues looked resolvable with the discussions we've
been having to date (well hopefully anyway!).

Thanks, DW.

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