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Subject: Re: Example [Was: Two things to strengthen the spec]

Michael Fitzgerald wrote:

> I can understand your concern about turning the spec into another tutorial.
> I don't want you to do that either. I suggested block definitions as an
> enhancement to aid understanding of a broader audience beyond the XML
> cognoscenti, making the spec easy to grasp by someone who may be new to XML.
> They will appreciate it. But I concede that the tutorial succeeds well for
> this imagined broad audience already. Nonetheless, I believe block
> definitions would only add about 1-2 pages to the spec's length. Not a dear
> price to pay.

First, I do not think we should duplicate definitions in other specifications.  
For example, suppose that we define characters, namespace prefixes, URIs in 
our spec.  Then, careful readers will be confused.  When relevant specs are 
updated, should they continue to use the definitions in our spec or use 
the revised definitions in the relevant specs?



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