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Subject: Re: Minutes for RELAX NG TC meeting 2001-07-26

Michael Fitzgerald wrote:
> 4. Context information for datatype libraries (issue 32)
> James: do we want to add anything more about context information?
> Kohsuke: No.
> [Does this close the issue? -mjf]

Yes.  The spec is deliberately silent and I like it.

> Kohsuke: it will make the BNF easier...

Actually, he mentioned inferece rules.

> James: issue: rename key/keyRef. XML Schema is doing something more
> sophisticated [than we will offer at first], it's more like ID/IDREF as it
> stands
> Makoto: I'd rather have <list> with <key>

I wanted to have <ID>, <IDREF>, and <IDREFS>.  But this is not an issue (yet).



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