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Subject: Including relax-ng schema in my schema?

In reading the spec and tutorial, it is not clear to me how I would 
define my own pattern which contains the relax-ng pattern.  Here is 
basically what I want to do:

<!-- ... -->
 <StructureDefinition xmlns:rng="http://relaxng.org/ns/structure/0.9">
  <rng:grammar ns="http://mydocument.com/ns/1.0">
        <rng:start><rng:ref name="name" /></rng:start>
        <rng:define name="name">
            <rng:element name="Name"><rng:text /></rng:element>
<!-- ... -->

How exactly do I enable this in the relax-ng schema for MyDocument?  In 
a DTD, I might do this:

<!ENTITY % rng SYSTEM "rng.dtd">
<!ELEMENT MyDocument (StructureDefinition)>
<!ELEMENT StructureDefinition (grammar|element)>

Thanks in advance,

Matthew MacKenzie
XML Global

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