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Subject: Re: Nits

> - <start [combine="method"]> in Section 3 should read
>    <start [combine="choice"]>

Actually not.  Remember that the restrictions on start in section 7 apply 
to the simplified grammar.  It makes perfect sense to have 
combine="interleave" on start in nested grammars:

<element name="foo">
     <include href="file.rng"/>
     <start combine="interleave">

> - The last sentence of 4.16 should be removed.


> - "or the element bearing the name attribute" in 4.10 should be removed.


> - What is "it" in the last line of 4.12?

"it" refers to the same thing in the last sentence of that paragraph as in 
the first, second and third sentences of that paragraph.  I think the last 
sentence is OK.  Can anybody suggest improved wording?


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