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Subject: Comments on the annotations spec

I like this spec a lot. Here are my comments:

I think the phrase in the title "DTD Compatability" is fairly accurate now, but what if we need a future annotation that is not really related to DTDs? For the sake of flexibility, I like the title "RELAX NG Annotations."

Abstract -- why not link other related RELAX NG specs here for convenience?

Section 1 -- very good, I like it

Section 2 -- hurrah! a clear context (markup example) for later prose explanations

Section 3 -- a conformance section is essential to make clear the intended role of annotations

Section 4 -- markup example before/after simplification would be very nice here

Section 5 -- first paragraph: it would be advisable to reference the XML Infoset spec in the last sentence (ref to end of spec, as in main spec)

I like the idea of allowing implementations to optionally use XML 1.0 attribute types of any sort here, if they desire, especially since the onus of what to do with such attribute values rests with the implementer. Yes, I realize they could do this with <data> and XML Schema part 2, so what are the main differences of specifying an attribute with either a:attributeType or <data>?

Section 6 -- do we intend to replace comments with a:documentation? I don't think so, but paragraph 1 here seems to imply that, or that there is a 1-to-1 correspondence. I don't think we are tossing XML 1.0 comments aside, are we?

How would a:documentation work as an attribute? Hmmmmm.....


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