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Subject: Re: XML Schema Datatype guidelines

>> - ID, IDREF and IDREFS don't have cross-reference semantics (should
>> implementations that support DTD compatibility annotations automagically
>> turn these into annotations?)
> It would be nice if the spec does not prohibit implementations to provide
> cross-reference semantics for these types.
> Because when these types are used, the author obviously wants to have that
> semantics.

I think the key point is that the cross-reference semantics is not part of 
validity.  There is nothing to stop a RELAX NG validator combining other 
processing (such as cross-reference processing) with RELAX NG validation. 
However, it must still perform RELAX NG validation properly.  A RELAX NG 
validator would be non-conforming if it refused to validate against a 
schema because it used:

  <data type="ID"/>
  <data type="NMTOKEN"/>

In a case like this, if a validator does try to give cross-reference 
semantics to ID/IDREF, then it should probably give a warning that it 
cannot perform ID/IDREF validation, and then continue to do RELAX NG 
validation as usual.

>> Anything else? Do we want to deprecate things that aren't well-defined?
> For example?

You are more of an expert on this than me.


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