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relax-ng message

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Subject: RELAX NG telcon 23rd August

The next RELAX NG telcon will take place at 10:30am EDT on Thursday 23rd
August. The dial-in numbers are:

800 851 1769 (US callers)
775 324 0362 (International)

Participant code: 597197


a:attributeType.  See


1. Do we want to use datatypes instead of an annotation to handle
ID/IDREF/IDREFS? (Following issues assume a "yes" answer to this.)

2. Do we use the XML Schema Part 2 datatype library or do we have our own
compatibility library? If the latter, what about xsd:ID/IDREF/IDREFS?

3. Does this go in our annotations spec?  If so, what do we call the
annotations spec?

4. What should "ID-compatibility" involve (ie what constraints should the
compatibility spec impose on the use of ID/IDREF datatypes)?

5. What about infoset modification?  Do we want a conformance level in the
compatibility spec that involves changing the infoset?

6. If yes to 5, do we also want all the other XML 1.0 datatypes along with
ID/IDREF/IDREFS? If so, what constraints does the compatibility spec impose
on their use in the schema?


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