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Subject: re: First XML Schema Datatypes Guidelines draft

Message text written by James Clark
I have written a first draft of the guidelines for using XML Schema
Datatypes with RELAX NG:



It took me a minute to figure this out - I suspect other people
less versed in our process will have more trouble.

I usually expect Guidelines to be a little less stiff - more
akin to tuturial style -  but that may just be me!

My thought is that the Introduction should be more prose to
summarize that these are Notes to implementors to 
clarify the definitions and use of formal items from the
specifications, and that the Datatyping is the single
major item covered to date.

The current Introduction can then be renamed Purpose.

Nit picking - but I think it is important for people to 
understand the relationship between all the pieces here.

Thanks, DW.

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