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relax-ng message

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Subject: xsp2:ID and comp:ID

Message text written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI
>> A good question. I think we should say the following.  If you use the
> NG compatibility datatypes library, then you cannot use facets; if you
> the XML Schema datatypes library, you can use whatever facets XML Schema
> allows.  The XML Schema datatypes are only aliases of the compatibility
> datatypes as far as the compatibility processor is concerned, and the
> are irrelevant to the compatibility processor.


I'm just jumping into the middle here as this suddenly touched
on something I need clarified too.

From the ebXML stance I want to use the Registry as the means
to store datatyping definitions references for the RELAX parser.

So I really care that I can do this consistently and NOT be
limited to W3C schema facets which are not compatible
with legacy business facets.

I would like the parser to be able to apply those datatyping
rules against content.

An example - dates - I would like to validate 'YYYY-MM-DD'
as a facet mask.  The registry could point to a component
library that given a string can validate true/false against that,
and the parser can simply incorporate that library call.

This probably opens a ton of things - but if we can come up
with a simple and consistent way to provide the business
functionality - this would be a major win.

Thanks, DW.

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