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Subject: Re: xsp2:ID and comp:ID


See my notes below.

Thanks, DW.

Message text written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI

I think it boils down to one question: do you want to define your own
datatype with ID semantics?

If no, then there is no problem. RELAX NG lets you define whatever
datatype library as long as (1) it returns simple yes/no and (2) it has
no other sideeffect whatsoever.

>>>>>>> I think the Yes/No is what I'm after.

If yes, then I understand that you think it is a problem. But
considering our position that this ID functionality is just for
compatibility only, I guess we should wait for the more comprehensive
spec that covers the cross-reference problem.

>>>>>>> Compatibility is definately the goal.  The most obvious
 example is a COBOL copybook with a picture mask in it 
 something like  "$Z99999.V99" for a Decimal type.  If I have a
Cobol-compatibility library it becomes a snap to convert these
copybooks to RELAX structures and just drop in those masks
as is.


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