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Subject: Re: The annotation feature of the DTD compatibility spec

> Just a quick check. I assume that the following schema is compatible
> with the annotation feature:
> <element>
>   <name>abc</name>
>   <other:foo>
>     application specific extension
>   </other:foo>
>   <a:annotation>
>     RELAX NG annotation
>   </a:annotation>
>   ...
> </element>

Of course.  I see nothing in the spec that would lead anyone to think 

> If so, can we add a statement like:
> --------------
> There may be elements from other namespaces after a RELAX NG element.
> --------------
> after the current
> --------------
> There may be multiple a:documentation elements specifying documentation
> that apply to the same RELAX NG element.
> --------------

What has this to do with a:documentation?  I think adding such a statement 
there would be very confusing.  I added this at the end of section 1:

"Annotations with the above namespace URI can be used in conjunction with 
annotations with other namespace URIs. Annotations with other namespace 
URIs are allowed wherever [RELAX NG] specifies that they are allowed."


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