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Subject: Re: Ruby in RELAX NG a:documentation (fwd)

James Clark scripsit:

> I think the rationale is that this is a DTD Compatibility spec; the 
> justification for including a:documentation in the spec is that 
> a:documentation corresponds to a comment in a DTD and comments in a DTD 
> contain mere sequences of Unicode characters.

I accept this argument.

> There's certainly scope for a future spec to standardize a richer 
> documentation facility.  However, I don't think it's as simple as saying 
> the a:documentation element can contain arbitrary sublements.  That doesn't 
> seem sufficient to me from an interoperability.  Imagine writing a GUI for 
> editing RELAX NG schemas: how is it going to be able to display the 
> comments in a useful way unless it knows what the subelements mean?  Maybe 
> a subset of XHTML is the way to go for a future spec.


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