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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document

> Somebody has repeatedly said to me that we should provide a mechanism for
> documents to reference to RELAX NG schemas.  Although I have some
> sympathy,  I am not sure if such a mechanism is a good idea.

I am NOT suggeting this as part of RELAX NG.  I also don't think it is not 
a terribly good idea. I am suggesting it only as part of the compatibility 
spec, which is the home of several things like ID/IDREF and default 
attribute values, which, if I were master of the XML universe, I would 
probably not have created.

My main point is that the facilities of the compatibility spec that modify 
the infoset specifically ID/IDREF and default attribute values will not be 
fully succeeding in their goal of providing compatibility with XML DTDs 
unless there is also a mechanism like XML DTDs for allowing instances to 
specify a schema *for compatibility processing*.


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