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Subject: externalRef versus include

I'm having a hard time fully understanding the difference between <externalRef> and <include>. I realize <include> can only appear as a child of a <grammar> element whereas <externalRef> is not limited in this way. On the other hand, I'm not sure when you would want to use <include> but not <externalRef>. Am I right in assuming that the only circumstance where you would *have* to use <include> instead of <externalRef> is when you want to combine definitions from multiple grammars (using the "combine" attribute)?
Maybe the tutorial needs to say something about <externalRef> versus <include>, or at least this topic should be covered in the FAQ.

Joshua Lubell, NIST
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8263
Gaithersburg MD 20899-8263 USA
(301) 975-3563

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