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Subject: Re: RELAX NG FAQ

I pick this one.

Q. How can I create classes and inheritance in RELAX NG?


Here is a <ulink href="http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~eb2m-mrt/oo.html">proposal 
by MURATA Makoto</ulink> for capturing inheritance in RELAX NG.

> Also, shall we keep the brain-storming style for a while (that is, no
> negative comment)? I guess we've discussed that we should gather as much
> answers as possible at the first stage.

Let me provide another answer.

Q. Why is RELAX NG so verbose?

Another A. 

RELAX NG heavily uses elements for representing patterns.  This approach makes 
RELAX NG simple but verbose.  Feedback from schema authors is very welcome.  
In addition to the standard syntax, there are some proposals and implementations 
for more concise syntax (see the tools section).

<!--  I am wondering if <optionalAttribute> is a useful syntax sugar.  -->



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