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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document

James Clark wrote:

> The point is compatibility with XML applications rather than XML processors.
> In the Java world, many XML applications allow you to plug in any XML
> processor that implements an appropriate interface. If there was a way for
> associate a RELAX NG schema with an instance, then a RELAX NG processor
> sitting on top of a non-validating XML processor could masquerade as a
> validating XML processor.  This would allow XML applications (eg XSLT
> processors) implemented in Java to use RELAX NG as a subsitute for a DTD.

I now understand your scenario, and it makes sense.  However, if I 
care compatibility, I still prefer to embed internal DTD subsets rather 
than a PI or attribute.  Does use of PIs or attributes have any advantages 
over use of internal subsets?



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