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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document

I support creating a PI or element or attribute to indicate the location of an RNG schema. Looking at it in my own odd way, ANY implementation of RELAX NG is going to provide a way to associate a RNG schema with an instance anyway, if only as a command-line argument, so why not lend a hand and provide them with some additional guidance?

On the the other hand, what's to keep an implementation from recognizing a foreign attribute or element to have a similar role as a doctype declaration? Could we just simply add a compatibility element, not unlike <a:documentation>? Something like:

<c:schema href="http://www.anyurl.com/schema.rng"/>

Or merely an attribute: 

<grammar c:href="http://www.anyurl.com/schema.rng"/>

Or a PI:

<?schema href="http://www.anyurl.com/schema.rng"?>

Would an attribute or element be preferred over a PI or easier to implement than a PI? If so, why?

Again, as I have mentioned earlier, I don't think we need to go as far as doing everything <!DOCTYPE> does. Or would we then be guilty of, as Mike Champion says, "civil disobedience"?


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