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Subject: re: Possible extensions to RELAX NG

Message text written by Martin Bryan
In talking to James Clark earlier today about the relationship between
NG and the proposed new ISO Document Structure Definition Language (DSDL)
James asked if I could provide some use cases that would justify the
set of requirements that the DSDL proposal contained. The attached document
starts by listing the requirements identified as being essential for DSDL,
and then provides a set of use case statements that seeks to justify each
requirement. It also contains brief use cases for supporting three optional
features of SGML that are not supported by XML, and not listed as being
requirements for DSDL, but for which cases can be made within data streams
being used by businesses.

Martin Bryan
The SGML Centre



This is all interesting.  When I look at the attached work we've been 
doing on Core Components - it appears to me that alot of the 
issues are also plumb in the middle of how well does an
ebXML Registry and Core components support these business

Section 2 - XML Implementation is the main point of interest.

I've been taking a "syntax neutral" (i.e. plain vanilla XML V1.1) 
approach so far to the ebXML Registry work.

However - laterly I've also been looking at how well RELAX 
performs as the preferred structure assembly representation
for ebXML.

And finding the same shortcomings as you - but from a
different aspect - the ebXML Core Component + Registry
services can effectively fill these gaps.

Of course this all shows that there is more than one way to
skin a cat.  Choices are:

1) XML V1.1 parser + ebXML library and core components.

2) XML V1.1 parser + RELAX extensions and core components.

3) W3C XSchema + schema capable parser.

Anyway - what I did find interesting is that the various nuances
that a Core component requires also challenges the W3C
syntax too.... no big surprises there!

All this raises interesting questions as to the strategic approach
here to providing business facilitation.

Cheers, DW.


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