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Subject: [relax-ng] attribute constraint

What exactly is the wildcard constraint on attributes that we are 
considering? The issues list says:

"After the simplification, if an <attribute> has <nsName> or <anyName> as 
its name, then its parent must be <oneOrMore>."

Shouldn't this be "ancestor" rather than "parent"?

There's a related possible restriction, which is what I thought Murata-san 
was proposing: if an <attribute> occurs in a <oneOrMore>, then its first 
child must be <nsName> or <anyName>.  That would have the disadvantage of 
disallowing the

    <attribute name="x"/>
    <attribute name="y"/>
    <attribute name="z"/>

shorthand for a group of optional attributes, which Murata-san suggested at 
some point.


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