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Subject: [relax-ng] close schema language

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
I was wondering what people think of these comments on closed schema
languages on XML-DEV.


In ebXML we're avoiding these problems by using the Registry to
store neutral assembly instructions.  (BTW - notice RELAX +
Schematron is ideal for storing those neutral assembly statements).  

The whole referencing model within registry is driven off a UID and
registry host pair - not complex W3C Schema couplings via 
inheritance and datatyping that may or may not resolve.  

The precise assembled content instance is thus a 
single consistent whole - no need for ugly namespace stuff that 
cannot be resolved at point of use - while retaining ability to 
maintain centrally and have machine referencable semantics.

Here's where the W3C still have not 'got it'.  I.e. they are still trying
to solve ugly business problems by flatfiles, URLs', heaps of
local syntax semantics and includes.

The registry model and a RELAX style simple structure only
model is compelling by comparison.

Next week the ebTWG team is publishing a CCR (core component
realization) paper that shows part of this in action.


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