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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] spec typos

--On 30 November 2001 00:08 -0800 Michael Fitzgerald <mike@wyeast.net> 

> Hello,
> I mention here a few typos I found in my final reading of the RELAX NG
> spec, none of which, if not corrected, would keep me from approving the
> spec as a 1.0 committee document. Take these from a copy editor's point
> of view.


> - In section 1, drop the period from the second bullet or add a semicolon
> after the first bullet. (Compare the bullet list in section 1 of the
> compatibility spec.)


> - In section 5.1, in the note, "is instance of the data model" should read
> "is an instance of the data model"


> - In section 6.1, in the parenthetical remark, "(NCName, name without
> prefixes)" might better read "(NCName or a name without a prefix)"

I changed it to:

ln  -- ranges over local names; a local name is a string that matches the 
NCName production of [XML Namespaces], that is, a name with no colons

Is that OK?

> - In section 6.2.8, in the sentence that begins "The datatypeEqual
> function...," "that is the following inference" might better read "that
> is, the following inference"


> - In section 7.2, it is suitable to follow both instances of "i.e." with a
> comma ("i.e.,")

I changed all occurrences of "i.e." to "that is,".

> Another curiosity: the Latin /id est/ is abbreviated /i.e./ and means
> /that is/. It is good practice to stick with either /i.e./ or /that is/
> and rather avoid a mixture of both in a text.

Changed to "that is,"  throughout.


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