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Subject: [relax-ng] tutorial typos

Hello again,

On my final reading of the tutorial, a few typos were sighted. Again, none
of these, if permitted to tarry, would hinder me from approving the draft as
a 1.0 document.

- Occasionally, "white-space" is used instead of "whitespace." A search
should yield instances in sections 6 and A.

- In section 10.1, several occurences of "a ns attribute" would read better
as "an ns attribute"

- In sections A and D, there are references to the "RELAX NG DTD
Compatibility Annotations" spec. We have dropped "Annotations" from the
title and so should the tutorial.

- In B.1.4, <mixed>...</mixed> is ALSO captured by <interleave> <text/> p
</interleave> as well as <mixed>...</mixed> (noting this is not critical,
certainly not)

- In section 5, XML Schema Part 2 is cited but no reference is given to the
document. Adding http://www.w3.org/tr/xmlschema-2 to the References section
would be nice; linking to the citation in the References section throughout
the tutorial would also be nice.

- Use of the colon. Many times the tutorial includes schema fragements in
sentences without leading colons which is fine practice. For example, from
section 3, the following usage is common and acceptable:

"In contrast, the order of elements is significant. The pattern

<element name="card">
  <element name="name">

There are a few spots, however, that beg for a colon or dropping the colon.
The following are not what I'd call critical changes, nonetheless, here

 * I would add a colon after the first line in section 3
 * But I would drop the colon in the phrase "would not match:" also in
section 3
 * Section 6, I would add : after "This corresponds to the DTD:"
 * Also in section 6, I would add : after "...will match any of:"
 * In 9.4, I would add : after "This would be equivalient to:"
 * In 11, I would drop : after "It wouldn't work to use"
 * In B.1.5, I would add : after "This is captured by:" (there are a couple
occurences of this phrase)
 * In B.2.1, I would use : instead of . after "...matches this pattern" and
"...does not"


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