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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] tutorial typos

> Hello again,
> On my final reading of the tutorial, a few typos were sighted.

Thanks.  I fixed most of these except:

> - In B.1.4, <mixed>...</mixed> is ALSO captured by <interleave> <text/> p
> </interleave> as well as <mixed>...</mixed> (noting this is not critical,
> certainly not)

I didn't think this was an improvement.

> - Use of the colon. Many times the tutorial includes schema fragements in
> sentences without leading colons which is fine practice. For example, from
> section 3, the following usage is common and acceptable:
> "In contrast, the order of elements is significant. The pattern
> <element name="card">
>   <element name="name">
>     <text/>
>  ..."
> There are a few spots, however, that beg for a colon or dropping the
> colon.

This is a bit too subtle for me.  I tried to make my use of the colon more 
consistent along the lines you suggest, but I found it a bit tricky as it 
was not entirely clear to me what basis to use to determine whether to use 
a colon or not.  For future reference, is there some simple rule of thumb I 
should apply in deciding whether to use a colon or not?


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