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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] grammar error in compatibility spec

Hmm. Maybe my grammatical instincts have been compromised by living too 
long in a non-English speaking country, but the use of "were" seems correct 
to me, since the process of framing (i.e. devising) the restrictions took 
place in the past.

--On 29 November 2001 10:38 -0500 Josh Lubell <lubell@cme.nist.gov> wrote:

> I noticed a minor grammar error in the compatibility spec. I believe the
> sentence before the enumerated list at the end of section 1.3 should read
> "The goals in framing these restrictions are as follows:" rather than
> "...were as follows"
> Josh
> Joshua Lubell, NIST
> 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8263
> Gaithersburg MD 20899-8263 USA
> (301) 975-3563
> lubell@nist.gov

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