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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] Annotations in the non-XML syntax

In relation to the design goals listed in the non-XML syntax document, I've
been thinking of several good reasons to offer such a syntax:

1. Of course it is very readable and easy to learn.

2. It is compact, which is a plus for transportability (perhaps achieving
some of the aims of ASN.1 for XML).

3. It represents RELAX NG schema essentially as a context-free grammar,
which is a nice view of the language, easy to grasp, and amenable to parsing
and parser generators.

4. It seems it would be fairly straightforward for an XML processor reading
an instance to generate non-XML syntax for a schema to match the instance
just by using facilities that are built-in to the language -- why not
something easy like out.write("element " + name + "{ " + type + " }").

If I am off the mark, feel free to correct me (I am used to it). Otherwise,
by all means add to the list.


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Subject: [relax-ng] Annotations in the non-XML syntax


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