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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Some defects

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:36:51 +0700
James Clark <jjc@jclark.com> wrote:

> > - "a choice" in 4.14 and 4.15 should read "a choice element" and
> >   the word "choice" should be italicized.
> This might be infelicitous, but I don't think it's a typo. It speaks of 
> being "transformed into a choice with <code>empty</code>": choice is being 
> used as a noun in its normal sense; a <code>choice</code> element 
> represents a choice.  It wouldn't work to say "transformed into a 
> <code>choice</code> element with <code>empty</code>".  You would have to 
> say something like "transformed into a <code>choice</code> element with one 
> child being the child of the <code>optional</code> element and the other 
> child being <code>empty</code>".  I don't think this needs an errata.

In my opinion, hard-to-translate specs are defective.  If the "choice" in 
"transformed into a choice with <code>empty</code>" is replaced with a foreign 
noun, this sentence will be difficult to understand.  If we care the international 
market, I think that we should publish your rewrite as an erratum.

MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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