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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Some ideas about simple type assignment

Message text written by James Clark
>I think allowing arbitrary well-formed XML within foreign-namespace
is both very common and very natural.  If you are designing an extensible
vocabulary and you want to make it easy for programmers to check the
constraints imposed by the vocabulary by hand rather than automatically
using a schema language, then the possibility of subtrees with arbitrary
well-formed XML arises naturally: it is unnecessary extra work to require
programmers to do some complex checking on the content of an extension
element, given that the application is then going to ignore that element.



It would be excellent if we could also design this to support ebXML
Core Components and the ability to use a UID reference to a Registry
definition thereof.

This would be optional of course, but given the power inherent in the
ebXML Registry - this is a natural place to facilitate type definitions

And of course this removes all the burden and complexity from the
Schema itself with just a lightweight referencing system.

wildeyed brainstorming something like:

 <typeDef type="currency" taxonomy="UID" reference="UNCC007010:01:01"

Thanks, DW.

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