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Subject: [relax-ng] RELAX NG resources update

I've uploaded an update of my various RELAX NG resources to


This isn't quite ready yet for general release.  When it is, it will be
moved into:


In the meantime, I hope a few intrepid users on this list will help find the
more egregious bugs.

There's quite a lot of new stuff.  There's an update to the syntax spec:


This is similar to what I posted a couple of weeks ago, but also
incorporates the syntax for <div> and goes back to ">>".

Jing now supports the compact syntax directly if you use the -c option.
(Autodetection is on the todo list.)

RNGNX has gone away.  In its place is a new program called "Trang"


Trang is still at a rather early stage. At the moment, it can be used to

- translate RELAX NG schemas in the compact syntax into the XML syntax

- translate (some) RELAX NG schemas in either the XML or compact syntax into

In the future, I plan to add support for additional input and output formats
as well as extend the subset of RELAX NG that can be translated into DTDs.
Feedback is welcome on what is most needed.

Both Jing and Trang have been updated to be consistent with the new syntax
spec, in particular they support the new annotations syntax.


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