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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Encoding declaration, MIME type

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002 06:29:35 -0400 (EDT)
John Cowan <jcowan@reutershealth.com> wrote:

> > Thinking about this I was unclear what MIME type a RELAX NG schema in 
> > compact syntax should be sent as.  Would it be text/something or 
> > application/something? Murata-san, any thoughts on this?
> As Makoto says, we can do what we want, but IMHO the appropriate media
> type for RNC is text/plain, the same that would be used for any
> programming language.  Programming-language texts are in general
> meant to be human-readable, so text/* is appropriate, and they
> contain in general no markup, which makes text/plain appropriate.

MIME people have different opinion about text/*.  See:


MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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