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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Encoding declaration, MIME type

> When I asked:
> > You appear to claim that text subtypes
> > have to be readable by casual users.
> He wrote:
> > This was always the underlying intent.

Right, but this is just Ned's opinion and I think I have given reasonable
arguments against such a simplistic criterion.

> He also mentioned text/css as "one of the more egregious ones".

I've argued that text/css is distinguishable.

> You wrote:
> >The difficulty I see with this argument is this: if the user
> >doesn't want to see the RNC, why are they trying to open the thing with
> >browser in the first place?
> and
> > 2. Suppose a user receives a RNC file as MIME part.  Because it's
> > text/something, it get's displayed as plain text. Is this bad?
> I don't want to open this can of warms here in the RELAX NG TC.  This is
> a MIME issue and should be discussed at IETF (maybe, in the IETF XML-MIME

I agree with you on this.  I don't think we have to decide this issue in
order to progress with the compact syntax.  We can simply say that if the
MIME media type specifies a charset (default or explicit), then we use it.

> I'm not a fan of MIME.  I think that it needs a significant surgery.   But
> if different groups of people adopt different interpretations of and
> to MIME, the result will (or has been) chaotic.

The way to achieve the same interpretation is to discuss it, achieve
consensus and document it in an RFC, not ask the authors for their opinion.

Once we've got a spec for the non-XML syntax, then we can pursue a
registration for it (and perhaps the XML syntax at the same time) and
discuss the application/* v text/* issue with the MIME folks at that time in
an appropriate forum.


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