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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Encoding declaration, MIME type

>> I am happy with this.  By the way, if we stick to the HTTP RFC, the
>> default  is ISO-8859-1.  I certainly think that this default is
>> ridiculous.
>Doesn't the XML media type RFC use the standard default of US-ASCII (which 
>I agree is ridiculous)? I guess the only advance of US-ASCII, is it makes 
>it a little bit easier to reliably detect a missing charset parameter: the 
>presence of any 8-bit byte tells you that something is wrong.

Ideally, the best default is UTF-8.  IESG chose US-ASCII, 
since it is the intersection of ISO-8859-1 (which 
was already commonly used for text/* in Europe and is the 
default used by HTTP) and UTF-8.

>> If we need a specialized media type for our compact syntax, I think that
>> application/vnd.oasis-open.rng with the charset parameter is probably
>> acceptable.
>Wouldn't "vnd.oasis-open.rnc" be preferable?  Or maybe 
>"vnd.oasis-open.relax-ng.rnc" (following the OASIS organizational 
>structure)?  It seems like there output to be a standard OASIS convention 
>for MIME types in the vnd.oasis-open tree.  What's the procedure for 
>registration in the "vnd" tree?

Yes, vnd.oasis-open.relax-ng.rnc looks more appropriate.  The 
registration procedure is shown in RFC 2048.  I don't think 
it is hard to register a specialized media type.   But we have 
to first determine if we need one.



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