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Subject: [relax-ng] RELAX NG Viewer

> This reminds me that I volunteered to start some thoughts on
> increasing adoption.
> What I see is that we need a Viewer for RELAX.
> Schema went nowhere until people were able to visually see
> their schemas thanks to XMLSpy.
> I'm not suggesting an editor - since the syntax is easier to hand-edit,
> but people just have this tactile thing - and seeing is beleiving.
> I'm guessing there is a Java hierarchy display tool out there
> already that can be purposed to display and allow transversal
> of RELAX structures.

I agree a RELAX NG viewer would be very nice to have. Writing the viewer in 
Java would be one possibility.  Another possibility might be generating 
SVG.  SVG has quite powerful interactive features, which should (I think) 
make it possible to interactively expand/collapse portions of the diagram 
in a similar manner to XMLSpy.  The advantage is that users who want to 
view the diagram wouldn't require any special tools; they would only 
require a standard SVG viewer (which in fullness of time I expect to become 


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