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relax-ng message

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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] Predeclare xsd datatypes prefix?

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
>Consider the possibilities of overriding vars with local decls versus
in included schema.

Why would this be a bad thing?

Mike not-afraid-to-display-his-ignorance Fitzgerald

Is this not just ENTITY definitions by other means?

If we are going to go here - I would point out that the real win
is in being able to do context based assembly rules for 
determining explicit schema instances from the overall set.

This is out of scope for W3C Schema - but the ebXML CCR 
group has already got a working mechanism done for this
AssemblyDoc approach.   If you have AssemblyDoc as
an extension of the base RELAX spec' then you have a 
copper-bottomed reason for why RELAX is better than
Schema for eBusiness.

Its Friday and we're just looking to push the envelope here....


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