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Subject: RE: [relax-ng] Minutes from May 9 9:00 EDT teleconference

Thanks Josh for handling the minutes!

> 1. Draft Compact Syntax spec:
> John: hard for users to understand (although easier for implementers);
> James' earlier document was easier for users to read; need a tutorial
> James: might be good to markup RNG tutorial so that examples can be
> rendered using XSLT either in XML syntax or compact syntax

I like the idea of using XSLT to a create a version of the tutorial for the
compact syntax. But what if we had one tutorial that showed examples in both
RNG and RNC? It would be good advertising and I don't think it would be
overwhelming. Being able to quickly compare both syntaxes side-by-side would
be an advantage to learners as well.

> 3. XML Schema datatypes predeclared in compact syntax:
> Josh: I'm in favor
> Kohsuke: okay with me
> John: I'm in favor
> James: what prefix? (all on call in favor of "xsd")

I think we should predeclare XSD and the xsd prefix is fine.

I need to catch up on errata.


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