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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Optional quotes?

James Clark scripsit:
> I have occasionally found myself writing things like
>   xs:string { length = 1 }
> instead of
>   xs:string { length = "1" }
> which led me to wonder whether it would be worth allowing the former case,
> by reviving the SGML rule (also used extensively in HTML) that quotes are
> optional when the value is an NMTOKEN.  This rule could be applied in
> parameter lists and perhaps also in attribute values in annotations.
> I am not sure if this is worth doing.  What to other people think?

For params only?  It seems a small point.

BTW, Jing and Trang should probably go on accepting externalRef as
equivalent to external, just as a matter of backward compatibility.

John Cowan <jcowan@reutershealth.com>     http://www.reutershealth.com
I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen,    http://www.ccil.org/~cowan
han mathon ne chae, a han noston ne 'wilith.  --Galadriel, _LOTR:FOTR_

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